BONE is closed

Greetings BONEheads, it is with an overwhelming sadness that BONE, as an official non-profit rescue organization, has decided to bring the final chapter to a close. Without an influx of ready volunteers, and foster homes, BONE was not viable.
Thus, in keeping with the wishes of Mia, BONE’s original founder, and BONEhead extraordinaire, BONE has folded, and the balance of the funds will be transferred to BCCA Rescue, and Beacon. That said, it was also the wish of the current Board of Directors, that we keep the Facebook page, and Yahoo group, and webpage as they are, welcoming all of our Neardie friends, cohorts, and aficionados to act as ombudsman, facilitating, aiding, and connecting dogs in need with rescue groups and adoptive homes.
Carry on dear rescuers. Post away. Plan the work. Work the plan. There is still work to be done, and we can still play a vital role in saving our beloved furry faces in need.
Your Bone Board
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