Communications within the BONE organisation is in three parts.

  1. Our YahooGroup is strictly for members only, and no member will be permitted to join without giving appropriate information to the group. We are gradually growing and we need to foster the caring attitude that we have at all times. Our communication is through email which can be individual, digest or web only reading. The choice is up to each individual. It is the heart of our organization, and has many attributes that we use on a daily basis such as polls, databases, photofiles etc etc.
  2. Our website is managed by David G. Simmons, upon direction of the executive committee. This website introduces our organization to the world. It is also a forum for us to publicize our fund raising efforts and new ideas, but only by direction of the executive committee.
  3. A list of “Who’s Who” and how to contact them is available in our Database that is housed in the Members Area of this site. People’s roles are constantly changing so always check the database, as it is that person’s responsibility to put in the latest update of what role they may be doing for BONE.
  4. A suggestion to all members is to create favorites or bookmarks for our site so that you have easy access at all times.
  5. We are a caring team – always remember we welcome your ideas and would love to hear from you via our email group. Please send an introduction about yourself so that we can say hello!!!
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