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10 thoughts on “Available Dogs

  1. hello, I have contacted you in..my desire to adopt Chloe. I have filled out the application..but I fear it did not follow through in being delivered…it appears to be frozen…please email or phone me so that we can speak about Chloe..becomeing part of my family. Thank You..

  2. We rescued a bearded collie from our local shelter. We are researching how to go about rescuing another one either as a companion for our wonderful beardie named Callie. We presently have a senior dog who is 14 1/2 years young, and we are just in the early stages of seeking information on how to go about this. Any help, web sites, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. We had a Beardie mix for 15 years. She was the best dog we ever had. We are looking for a new dog and would love to have a beardie again. We’re looking for leads to one. We would like a female puppy or young adult.
    We live in the midwest and would hope to adopt a beardie from the midewest. Any leads?

    • We are looking to pull a dog out of a shelter near SLC that some speculate has bearded collie in him. He is the same color, but his hair is significately shorter. He looks like a very friendly dog. If you are still looking, you might take a look at him. You can drop me a line at pickofthecropatmsndotcom and I can send you a picture.

  4. My Aussie died of pancreatic cancer @ only 8 1/2 last year. Can’t stand the loniness and certainly cannot afford pedigree ownership. Retired teacher…saw a Beardie at Irvine rescue. Hope he’s still there. Any suggestions. PS

  5. Our Beloved bearded collie passed away Sept. 2011 at 15yrs old. We rescued her from a humane society when she was 6months old. The best dog ever. Miss her very much. Looking for a female 3-6months old around 30-50 pounds. We live in Pennsylvania could travel depending where to. Please send pic and price if you can help. We miss our baby girl so much. Our house is so empty.

  6. We lost our Neardie about a year ago. His picture shines in our home and my heart is still hurting.
    We live in Hawaii and was hoping to rescue one here as I really don’t want him/her to have to fly the long distance.
    Please keep me in mind if you come up with anything
    Many thanks to you all for your kindness.

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