Rescue Links

Bearded Collie Rescue

Bearded Collie Club of America
Bearded Collie Club of Canada

Purebred/Group Specific

Point of Contacts for Livestock Guardian Dog Rescue
The Senior Dog House and Rescue

All Breed/All Locations

Animal Welfare League – Illinois areas
ASPCA – find an animal shelter in your area

Pets 911 -you can check the shelters by your zip code!, Lost and Found, etc.
Rescue Workers Adoption Network










Breed Zip

Transport Links

Commercial Services

TRANSPORT RESOURCES – maintains list of resourses to help rescues get transported in US.

Flying Paws
Any organized rescue group, veterinarian or recognized animal care organization may contact Flying Paws concerning transport of their special needs animal. Flying Paws will NOT transport to any KILL, PET STORE, RESEARCH or BREEDING facility.

Sky Ark
As our mission statement says, Sky Ark arranges free air transportation o­n either Sky Ark-owned aircraft or with other pilots and aircraft owners. Our free air transport service is for the transportation of injured or sick animals in need of health care, rescued animals from shelters, delivery/transport of service animals and for other compelling needs. Many of our volunteer members are pilots who use their own aircraft when we are unable to provide transportation in Sky Ark aircraft.

Pet Air
Pet Air provides affordable, professional animal transportation in the most
convenient way possible for their customers and their pets.

Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA)
An International Trade Association of animal handlers, pet moving providers,
kennel operators, veterinarians and others who are dedicated to the care and
welfare of pets and small animals during transport locally . . . nationwide
. . . worldwide.

Currently the largest pet transportation company in the continental United
States, operating from nine branch offices located throughout the nation.
Dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable transportation for
animals nationwide. Licensed by the USDA-APHIS program under the federal
Health and Welfare Transport Act and is a standing member of the Independent
Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA). All driver/attendants are
licensed, bonded and qualified in their professional experience with animal

Feathers and Fur Van Lines
Feathers and Furs – now supplies crates at no cost runs twice monthly need 12 day advanced order. Was about $230 per dog with rescue discount depends on size of crate – slight discount if you can get two per crate but only goes to a 500 crate size (so more likely for puppies)
Nationwide ground animal transport service. Safe, fast and secure. (Licensed
& Insured) All animals closely supervised and cared for during transport.
All drivers personally trained and hand picked from breeders and those
experienced with animal care. (15% discount to rescue groups)

Transport Volunteer groups

Black Hills Rescue Transport – South Dakota


We are a volunteer army of rescuers who transport and transporters who rescue.  We coordinate and provide local and distance transportation for animals in need. Most of our focus is in the Black Hills, South Dakota area, but we have assisted with rescues and re-homes throughout the Midwest. We are committed to giving back to the animals in need who have given us so much…

Charlie Petrick

Pet Transport Net
Pet Transport Net is a National List for requesting or volunteering to
transport rescued animals to their new forever homes.

This is a list where you can post if you are trying to set up transportation
for a rescue trying to make it to their forever home.

Rescue Angels On Wheels
A group comprised of rescuers who transport, transporters who rescue, or big
hearted animal loving volunteers willing to help with both. The primary
topic of this list is All Breed Rescue Transport. We are in the process of
building a National Network of APPROVED Transporters to minimize the time,
stress, and over-all aggravation currently associated with moving a rescue
furkid from one place to another.

Rescue Transport
This list is dedicated to the transportation of rescue animals.

Rolling Rescue
Rolling Rescue is a place for rescues needing transport and transport
volunteers to find each other. Their mission is to recruit truckers, Rivers,
commuters and anyone else who travels to the network that helps to move
rescued animals to safety, in a rescue or from a rescue. to their new
adoptive homes. Most of their transports involve dogs, but all are welcome.

PetFinder – Pet Transport Forum

Rescue Groups U.S. State/Regional

Adopt Spot – Bay Area California
California Purebred Dog Rescues and Adoption
Animal Foundation of East Tennessee

Pet Orphans Animal Rescue Atlanta

Rescue Groups Other Countries

Canine Careline dog training kennels in Lincolnshire, UK


Animal Home Adopt a pet or find a home for your pet
Canine Connections Rescue Listings
Dog Rescue Groups
Dog Rescue Links
dog, rescue, shelter, sanctuary
Sam’s Dog Rescue Hotlinks Page
US Online Pet Resources – Dog Breed Rescue & Adoption

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